This system is used for the recording of vehicles passing by a particular location where the control set is installed. The international abbreviation ANPR refers to Automatic Number Plate Recognition. The camera at the control point captures a high resolution picture, from which it is possible to separate letters and numbers, and sends them to the command-control centre. In this way it is possible to instantly detect and locate stolen, unregistered or in some other way suspicious vehicles.

This system can also be used for control of access by vehicles to zones with limited access rights (city areas closed to traffic such as congestion zones, yellow lanes in urban areas, private and public parking lots, etc.)

The control points are equipped with a number plate recognition system, which consists of a high-resolution camera and a computer running image-processing software.

In the event that the information about the colour or type of the vehicle does not match the information from the database, or the vehicle does not have valid number plates, the nearest police patrol is notified at once. The system can also be used for the detection of traffic violations - passing through red lights, speeding, movement in a prohibited direction, etc. An additional optional feature of this system is pattern recognition - recognition of a vehicle of interest or group of such vehicles at any location in the system. When a suspicious vehicle is recognised and flagged in the centre the entire system is notified and it is possible to recognise and detect the passage of that vehicle anywhere in the system.

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